Friday, April 25, 2008

philadelphia brewing company

Last night I got myself a variety case from the new Philadelphia Brewing Company. It included six bottles each of all four of their brews: Kenzinger, Newbold IPA, Walt Wit and Rowhouse Red.

I tried the Kenzinger and Newbold. Kenzinger was hoppy. Newbold was hoppier. Both were good, though Kris and I were taking apart our futon during the Kenzinger, so I really wasn't paying too much attention to the taste (which is no slight to the Kenzinger; it was my favorite of the two I tried).

Tonight I'll try the Rowhouse Red and the Walt Wit (a Belgian white). I had the Rowhouse Red at the Devil's Den last Friday, but I had it with two Schneider Aventinii and don't remember too much of anything (other than french fries made of rocks, and the Mets-Phillies game projected onto a second-story brick wall on South 11th Street for some reason).

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