Wednesday, May 05, 2010

our old mattress

Yesterday we (or more accurately, the delivery guys from Raymour and Flanagan) got rid of our old mattress. After we stripped the sheets off of it, I looked at the manufacture date on its label:


Yikes. Consumer Reports seems to feel your standard innerspring mattress will last you around 10 years, so I guess it was indeed time to get rid of this one. Just for fun, I did a little research to see what was going on when our mattress was made...

  • The #1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 was...

This is pretty much how I remember 1994. It was sepia-toned, we all belonged to melting-pot R&B harmony groups, and we all hung out on rooftops.

  • Ace of Base's "The Sign" was the #1 album in America.
  • The Flintstones was the #1 movie in America.
  • A Grace Under Fire rerun was the top-rated show for the week of June 6-12 (though technically the highest-rated program on the evening of June 7 was Roseanne... also, holy shit, Google News Timeline is awesome).
  • A gallon of gas averaged $1.06.
  • O.J. Simpson was still a respected former athlete and TV/film personality.
  • The Rangers were still cursed.
  • I was in eighth grade.

It's funny, we think of the 90s as sort of the anti-80s - the end-of-history Clintonian response to the Age of Reagan, the stripped-down grunge revolt against the new wave. Yet today the 90s seem just as dated. People still had big hair, jackets with humongous shoulder pads and innerspring mattresses. Progress marches on.