Tuesday, May 18, 2010

goodbye flashforward

You were supposed to be the next "Lost." Instead you got canceled before "Lost" completed a triumphant sprint to its end (an ending on its own terms, I might add).

There's a storytelling lesson here: don't be boring. "Flashforward" had a great premise and the story arc moved along swiftly, but it was not a good sign when I realized the characters were so bland I could not remember any of their names. The central character in "Flashforward" is a recovering alcoholic who tends to become obsessed with his FBI work at the expense of his family. I'm sure someone thought this was a interesting backstory/personality for a character, but it honestly feels a bit lazy in a show that was supposed to be about the fantastic. It's hard to imagine that and only that being the basis for a character in "Lost," in which backstories are not only integral to the fabric of the show but also tend to be extraordinary (usually in a sad way). As TV, alcoholism just can't compete with getting pushed out of a skyscraper by one's con man father.