Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bad bathrooms

Over the past year, we've re-done one of our bathrooms and we're currently in the process of re-doing the other. A great help in making good design choices have been the photo galleries at Some of these photos are helpful in a positive way; others are good examples of what not to do. Here are some of my favorite bad bathrooms.

I know when I take a bath, I want that relaxing, Zen-like, "stuck in a telepod and about to be transformed into Brundlefly" feel.

"You're going to love what I've come up with for your new bathroom. Before I went into interior decorating, I did production design for a little movie called 'Scarface.'"

This Apple fan paid handsomely to live out his fantasy of being consumed by an iPod shuffle while sitting naked in a bathtub.

Trapped in a photo of himself, Christopher Reeves' soul admits that while your aesthetic taste is questionable, it does get kinda lonely when you're not around.


"I have no idea where the facehugger went, but after it burst free I took one look at the remaining egg and said, 'hello, vessel sink!'"

"Oh, don't mind me. Just keep on bathing."