Friday, April 25, 2008

philadelphia brewing company

Last night I got myself a variety case from the new Philadelphia Brewing Company. It included six bottles each of all four of their brews: Kenzinger, Newbold IPA, Walt Wit and Rowhouse Red.

I tried the Kenzinger and Newbold. Kenzinger was hoppy. Newbold was hoppier. Both were good, though Kris and I were taking apart our futon during the Kenzinger, so I really wasn't paying too much attention to the taste (which is no slight to the Kenzinger; it was my favorite of the two I tried).

Tonight I'll try the Rowhouse Red and the Walt Wit (a Belgian white). I had the Rowhouse Red at the Devil's Den last Friday, but I had it with two Schneider Aventinii and don't remember too much of anything (other than french fries made of rocks, and the Mets-Phillies game projected onto a second-story brick wall on South 11th Street for some reason).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

whither macy's?

Kris and I have roughly $150 worth of Macy's gift card money that expires a week from today, so we pretty much have to spend it this weekend.

What should we use it on?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tears for fears

Help me to decide...

I voted.

It took me a while; at 7:45 am, there was a hugeass line outside of our polling place (2nd ward, 22nd division). No surprise, since there are predictions of a record turnout. I actually got out of line to go back to the house and wait it out. I hung out with Kris, made coffee and read up more on the candidates and questions. It was nice to have what felt like a real morning. And at 9 am, I was able to walk right up to the Palumbo Rec Center and sign in.

Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure...

It felt very good to finally get the chance to vote for Barack Obama. As I was discussing with Kris last night, I'm not sure I'm wild about his policy proposals, particularly his universal health care plan. And I don't think Hillary is as bad as some think, or even that different from Obama w/r/t policy proposals; I think she'd probably make a fine president, and I actually reconsidered my support for Obama this morning before voting (which I considered a healthy re-examination of my thoughts and beliefs).

But Hillary voted for the Iraq war, which I cannot abide. And as far as I can see, her campaign has not been able to shake the impression that she's running for president because she really really wants to be president. I am sure that Obama's motivation is not selfless, but he just seems removed from our current political narrative, whereas Hillary seems as if she's its inevitable product. He's just diferent, as Chris Satullo writes in an excellent op-ed in today's Inky.

Hopefully I get the chance to vote for Obama again in a few months.

I cant stand this indecision, married with a lack of vision...

In the two big races in Center City and our little slice of SoPhi, I voted for Queen of Good Government Anne Dicker in the PA Senate District 1 race, and Peggy Banaszek in the PA House District 182 race. Despite Dicker's disorganized campaign, I was more turned off by Farnese/Dougherty in the Senate race.

othing ever lasts forever...

Banaszek actually came to our house to ask for our vote (well, my vote; I wasn't home at the time and Kris is a registered independent). Babette Josephs has been by most accounts a fine representative for decades (and will probably continue to be after a victory today), but Banaszek's bona fides are strong, she'd be new blood in a legislature with rising Democratic stars, and quite frankly it's hard to ignore a personal appeal from somebody who lives in the neighborhood.

So, satisfied with my participation in the democratic (and Democratic) process, I drove down 5th Street, past Independence Hall, leaving the rows and rows of TV trucks behind me as I motored towards the Ben Franklin Bridge, my iPod beginning to play through my car's speakers...

Everybody wants to rule the world...