Sunday, March 11, 2007

lazy sunday

Thanks to everybody who showed up at the Hoond last night - a good time was had by all! And Jack Daniels-flavored sunflower seeds ROCK.

Some random Sunday notes:

- It would be cool if there was more unnecessary profanity in our lives. For instance, I'd like it if there were home improvement shows on HGTV or Fine Living called What's With That Fucking House?, or Look at All This Shit. The shows would be like any other show on those channels - I don't think I'd even have the hosts speak with profanity, unless they were saying "Welcome back to Look at All This Shit."

I also think that if I was ever on Survivor, I'd purposefully be the most profane contestant to ever grace the show, to the point at which nearly all the footage shot would be unusable. Everytime Jeff Probst talked to me, I'd act like I wasn't listening, and then say in a really dismissive tone, "... the fuck do you want?"

- I strode bravely into 2003 yesterday, as I bought my very first iPod. I haven't really used it yet, as I've been busy loading every CD I can find onto it, but it seems very cool.

I felt bad dropping all that money on a gadget, but it's really like a birthday present to myself. At least, that's what the Wheel of Rationalization landed on yesterday afternoon. But I figure that the Enjoyment Potential (EP) for this little doodad is massive, and getting one has been on my mind for a while. And to paraphrase Ed Sabol (i.e., The Boss), if you buy quality, you forget the price long after you pay it. (He phrased it a lot better than me).

The iPod, however, is not the coolest gift ever...

- The Coolest Gift Ever arrived yesterday - Kris got me a Nintendo 64 off of Amazon Marketplace! It replaces the one that was ripped off and sold for crack a couple years ago. MarioKart, one of the few things that didn't get sold for crack (despite the fact that by playing it you might as well be smoking crack), hasn't been used since then, but it won't be long before Yoshi or the Princess will be leaping through the secret cave shortcut on the beach once again.

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