Friday, March 09, 2007

i was right!!! (sort of)

You all chuckled, stroking your beards and clucking your tongues at the crazy man and his crazy stories. But it is I who shall laugh last.

You may remember me talking about a TV show from the late 80s/early 90s, wherein Little Richard played the ghost of a murderous pirate who had to team up with a Wall Street white collar criminal to save people's lives on their Caribbean island in order to keep from getting dragged down to hell by demons.

Unfortunately, Little Richard's IMDB page reflected no such thing, and I could never remember the name of the show.

Derided I was. Question my sanity you did.

Well, it turns out I was mostly right, and slightly wrong. Which is better than being slightly right and mostly wrong - like you!

Here's what happened: Kris gets a monthly email from the Disney Vacation Club, of which she is a member. "Jim," a person who is proclaimed to be an expert on Disney history, answers club members' Disney questions as part of this email. Kris spotted this in the latest edition:

Q: The backlot tour at the Disney-MGM Studios used to feature a prop from something called "Black Jack Savage." What was that?
Jim's answer: "The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage" was a very short-run television series produced by The Walt Disney Company for NBC in 1991. Black Jack Savage was the ghost of a 17th Century pirate (played by Steven Williams) who teams up with a billionaire (Daniel Hugh Kelly) to save 100 lives as atonement for their wrongdoings. Like the series, the boat prop featured on the backlot tour has disappeared.

There! There it is! The Hundred Lives of Black Jack Savage! When I got home today Kris was excited and giggling and when she showed me what she was excited about I looked at the computer screen and found sweet redemption!

It may not have been Little Richard, but give me a break - I was 11 when this show came and went. The important thing is, this thing existed.

My only regret is that the boat from the show has disappeared. We're going to Disney next week, and I would have loved to have heard a tour guide try to explain the premise of the TV series while pointing out the boat.

I bet you all wouldn't have laughed at him.

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