Friday, September 30, 2005

let's get crunk!

Well, this is it. So far.

A woeful-looking "weblog," poured into a cookie-cutter template, by somebody whose html skills started and stopped around 1997 ("java"? that's that scratchy handsoap, right?). Still, I like writing, and haven't been doing nearly enough of it since I joined forces with those who would destroy the written word (well, not really, but my paycheck comes from a different medium these days). So here it is - another blog (another philly-based blog, to boot) released upon the interweb. I'm excited about it; I'm not quite deluded into thinking that people will actually read it just yet, but I'm in it for fun. So let's get crunk!

And for my first post, I'd like to talk about the weather. It's cold outside. The drop in temperature snuck up on us this morning, and I donned a jacket for the first time in months. I think that after another oppressively hot Philly summer and a comfortable Philly September, we all sort of fool ourselves into thinking that the cold is temporary (which it is, I guess - warm weather will return in April, barring the Earth breaking from its orbit and hurtling out into space like that one "Twilight Zone" episode). "High of 55 on October 1st? Well, it is technically autumn, but I can only assume that after this cold spell, it's eight more weeks of beach weather."

OK, I just checked and they claim it will be a high of 77 tomorrow... but I can only assume that's a fabrication of the liberal media. It's cold outside.

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