Thursday, September 28, 2006

our first song

Though there's lots more to do, Kris and I were having fun the other day trying to think of what to play for our first dance at our wedding. I've been thinking about it, and I've come up with some suggestions which I want to share with you, my loyal army of readers.

What do you think? Hmmmmmmm?


Mensch said...

You're Pretty When I'm Drunk - Bloodhound Gang

Detachable Penis - King Missile

Me so Horny - 2 Live Crew

I Hate Myself and I Want to Die - Nirvana

Golden Tee Theme - Golden Tee Machine in the bedroom

Anything by Rockapella (especially Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego) - Emily's suggestion

The "Escape Theme" from Fortress

jesse said...

Rape Me -- Nirvana

Why Does This Always Happen To Me? -- Weird Al Yankovic

Get Metsmerized! -- George Foster

Seven Words You Can't Say On Television -- George Carlin

Who Invited You? -- The Donnas

Anything off "Westmount Rhodesians" by Bowser & Blue, especially Talking 'Bout My Vasectomy, Don't Eat Worms or More Cocks.

(by the time this comments section is full, you're going to have the most awesome wedding ever.)

Terrence Ryan said...

The soundtrack to "Koyaanisqatsi."

halsey said...

The tune that plays when you hit "Demo" on a Casio keyboard.

Sub said...

Ryan and Kris (whom I have not met, but whose taste in men is obviously impeccable),

I'd like you to consider "See That Coon in the Hickory Tree" by The Delmore Brothers. An unorthodox choice? Yes. But bear with me.

First off, it really is about an actual raccoon in an actual hickory tree.

Secondly, it's got a great beat, and you can dance to it.

Third, it includes the following lines:

"Farmer Brown, he had a mule
How that mule could kick,
Named it after his mother-in-law,
And whipped it with a stick."

See, it's about marriage! (obliquely).