Thursday, July 27, 2006

wow, part three

OK, so last night I promised some BIG NEWS, and here it is:

Kris and I bought a house!


It's a beautiful townhouse-looking-type place in Bella Vista, about a block-and-a-half south of South Street. Check it out! (the furniture in these 360-degree thingies isn't ours, but we're going to have even cooler furniture - i.e., nothing but those chairs that are shaped like hands!).

We had known for a while we wanted to live together in Philly, but we hadn't been seriously searching too long. We saw this place at the tail end of a long, hot and humid Sunday (the 15th) of largely fruitless viewing, and we absolutely (and almost instantly) fell in love with it. Two parking spots, a deck, a patio, a bee-youteeful kitchen, two beds, two baths, interesting design, up-and-coming neighborhood (with new home construction right across the street from us), close to everything in the Center City East area, a reasonable price... it was perfect.

We made an offer that night and had to sweat it out for a day. We learned that Monday night that we had indeed joined the ranks of the landed gentry. There aren't many better feelings than that. It was a great capper to a hectic few months for me; the month leading up to getting the house was marked by perhaps the toughest project of my career (yes, I know I was supposed to talk about it in part 2, but there's a good reason why I waited until now: fuck you, that's why). I will say that it was something of a leadership test, and I hope I passed it. I was pretty proud of not only the final product, but of the focus and dedication that was needed to get it on tape. And it was really rewarding to work closely with some cool people I hadn't gotten a chance to know before.

Since then I feel like I've been in total senioritis mode. I have another big project coming up, so I'll have to get my edge back. I think the best way to do that will be to shoot something out of my hand and rip some random dude's face off with it.

As for the house, our minds are buzzing with possibilities. One magical word, "kegerator," has passed between our lips. Now I'm going to open this up to the floor: what do you think we should do with our space?


Kris said...

you forgot about the wholesale beer place right across the street... that's the best part!

Jesse said...

A most public congratulations!

Let me throw out some phrases here, and you can figure out how to put them together yourself:

"Bas Relief"
"Brick-Oven Pizza"
"Multiple-Action Jets"
"Soft Serve"

I guarantee that you'll triple the value of your home if you follow that to its logical conclusion.

mensch said...

in case you forgot, i will provide you with a little reminder...


(2004 version, of course)

Sub said...

Uh, Mensch -- "Bedroom Golden Tee" what is that, some sort of sex game? Anyway, I think Jesse's idea of hiring Dan Solomito to be the dealer for the round-the-clock blackjack game on your deck is a great idea.

Sub said...

Oh, and uh, congrats man...