Friday, July 21, 2006

wow (part one)

So I logged onto Blogger to start composing a three-part update to haplography, to get y'all caught up on all things Haplo. Now, when you log into your account, it tells you the last time you've updated your blog. And boy, was I surprised when it said "21 July 2006." Because I don't even remember doing this. I still think it would be cool to shoot things out of your hands that rip peoples' fucking faces off. Conceptually, at least; in reality it would probably be pretty disturbing.

On to blogness (it's like business, only blog-themed!)... it seems right to start part one picking up where I left off. Five weeks ago, I was all set to buy a Pedro shirt. I really was. And I was all set to wait until the Mets' hot streak was over. I really was.

The next night, David Wright does this.

Go here, and click on "Amazin' DP for Mets" (I can't link to it directly). I was there that night; it happened so fast I didn't even see it until I got home and watched it on the computer. There aren't many plays that turn a season, and that was one of them. Without it, the Mets, in all probability, don't sweep the Phillies, don't build a ridiculous lead in the NL East, and who knows what happens then.


Strangely compelled I was after that. Moral dilemmas mattered not. On my way home from work the next night, my car drove itself to the Cherry Hill Mall. My feet took me to Modell's. My credit card found its way into the cashier's hand. And I walked out with a black "Wright #5" shirt.

Unfortunately, the medium shirt which looked to fit me while it was on the hanger left little to the imagination, and left me little room to use my lungs, or move. So I still really didn't have my Mets shirt. Kris and I went to the game that night, and I sat there Wrightless as the Mets won again.

They did it again the next day, and the idea of a David Wright shirt had officially dug its way into my brain. It rooted around in there for a few days, pulling apart neurons and making me highly susceptible to... suggestion. Modell's didn't have any larges, so I bit the bullet and paid much, much more for a large on the internet (and got a floppy hat while I was at it). I got a package with a hat and a shirt while at work. The large was ginormous, but shrunk enough in the wash to look respectable.

Life was good.

Tomorrow (Part Two): Fenway Park, and the biggest project of my career
Sunday (Part Three): Big news!

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