Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i have returned!

Bring on the meats and cheeses! Where are the dancing bears!? The people wrestling pumas!? I want to see all of it! Also, unicorns doing stand-up comedy! Robot werewolves! The Last Supper re-enacted by hydrocephaloids!

Why? Because I have returned! And it's my birthday, dammit! (No, really!). I've spent the last three weeks putting together a huge project, and today's its last day. I haven't been able to blog because I've been so busy, and since I'm going on vacation in two days, I probably won't be able to blog at all in the near future. So in grand blog tradition, here are some random thoughts/questions/observations/anecdotes that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

- If as a suggestion my Tivo records a show that I wrote and directed, does that make me awesome, or merely spectacular? I only ask BECAUSE IT HAPPENED, BITCHES.

- What is Minotaur? And who is Lex Shrapnel? And why doesn't the immortal Tony Todd have first billing? And is there a chance I don't Tivo this?

- Kris took me out to Morimoto on Saturday night for my birthday. We both had the $100 omakase, which is basically an eight-course meal featuring a representative cross-sample of the restaurant's offerings (all chef's choice, of course; which is what "omakase" apparently means in english). It was amazing; that's all there is to say.

The eight courses were (in order): Tuna tartare with shallots and caviar in a sweet soy sauce; snapper served in the hot oil in which is was seared; raw yellowfin tuna seved with green salad; orange-saffron sorbet (a palette cleanser); halibut topped with mushrooms and cooked in chinese white wine; kobe beef served with Japanese sweet potatoes; sashimi; and finally dessert (bittersweet chocolate cheesecake served with sorbet and banana cream sauce).

Kris doesn't care for fish too much, but she's a trooper and she got through it all because she knew I was DYING to do this. And I think she enjoyed it; as she often repeated, it was an adventure. And it was really, really, really good.

- The internet is now complete.

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Jeff Porten said...

After the New Year's PyP experience, I deem you a brave, brave man.