Wednesday, January 11, 2006

new feature goodness

As I've been waiting for my AVID to finish digitizing the mountains of media I need to knock this week's project out, I've slightly upgraded the functionality and look of the site.

Most prominently, I've added links to both RSS and Atom feeds of haplography; you can find the appropriate links in the sidebar (many thanks to Terry, from whom I stole the best-looking Atom feed button I could find on the web).

In addition to reducing the width of the sidebar, I've also added a space there which will allow readers easy access to recent posts. Finally, I added trackback-esque functionality for all posts.

So get linking, and get subscribing! And while you're doing that (or, more likely, sleeping and/or enjoying time away from work), I'll be here - toiling away for all you sinners. Or, more accurately, I'll be here, popping tapes into my AVID and wondering how the heck I'm going to structure this piece that has to be cut by tomorrow night.

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