Friday, November 04, 2005

you gotta be there

"You gotta be there to say you were there."

Glad to see Chuck Dolan has the boys down in marketing working in shifts to come up with gold like this.


jesse said...

As of yesterday, the game was not sold out. So, we'll see how many are there to say they were there.

Also, the Knicks put fans on their tickets this year, along with players. Each one is stamped with something like "Knicks Family Since '05" for Quentin Richardson or "Knicks Family Since '02" for some clown with a Knicks t-shirt and a boom box. At my job, we get free tickets to one game, and since I'm near the end, I made my selection based entirely on which Knicks-Raptors game had the less dopey fan on the ticket.

Ryan said...

I can only imagine that the lyrics coming out of that fan's boombox sounded something like:

Nobody can stop us from raising the banner/not the Hawks, the Heat or even Indiana!