Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a serious question

OK... here's the deal.

You're an ensign on the Starship Enterprise, and you beam down to a planet where the men all dress unfortunately. Uh oh! You've violated local laws by accidentally stepping on a plant or something while throwing around the indigenous equivalent of a Nerf football. A horrible fate awaits you within the local criminal justice system - you've been sentenced to have the soundtrack from a 1980s movie playing in your head for the rest of your life. The good news is, the locals will let you choose which movie the score will come from.

What's it gonna be? The locals immediately place the works of John Williams, James Horner, Alan Silvestri and Jerry Whatshisface (Goldschlager?) off-limits.

I've made my choice: the wacky, Burt Bacharach-fueled soundtrack from "Arthur." I'd link to Windows Media samples of the theme, but there is none that I can find other than that Christopher Cross shit. Though apparently you can buy the Japanese import version of the soundtrack on Amazon for $249.00. Take my word for it - it's totally worth it.

Right, so anyway, that's playing in my head. For the rest of my life. And there's really no worries; since I'm an ensign on the Starship Enterprise in this little scenario, I'll get therapy from Counselor Troi, who afterwards will inevitably pity me for my condition and try to cheer me up by seducing me. Which is cool, I guess, except for the strains of Arthur's Theme pounding the insides of my skull during the lovin'.

So what would YOU have playing in your noggin for the rest of your life?


jesse said...

It's a tough choice, but I'm going to have to go with (surprise!) a sports movie from either end of the decade, Caddyshack (1980) or Major League (1989). "I'm Alright" is already my cellphone ringtone, while the pennant chase theme would never, ever get old.

Here's my top 5:
1. Caddyshack
2. Major League
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
4. Top Gun
5. Beverly Hills Cop

Terrence Ryan said...

I would have to go with the score to The Rock, by Hans Zimmer.

It would ensure that whatever I did, I would be inspired to be inappropriately intense about it.