Sunday, October 23, 2005

debit card fun at mcdonald's

I don't normally use a debit card at McDonald's, but Thursday night, as I was driving to Kris' house at around 11 pm, I was literally starving to death. I didn't want to waste time finding a PNC Bank ATM, so I just resigned myself to walking into one of DE-2's hundreds of McDonald's locations and using my debit card.

I ordered a medium #1 for $4.09, swiped my card, entered my pin number, and all seemed well - until no receipt printed out. The cashier didn't seem to think anything was wrong, and when I asked for one (I'm paranoid about these types of things), she looked the register over for about five minutes before telling me it was probably broken.

So I asked if there was any way she could help me out... and she took out a pen and wrote me this:


Special thanks to Kris for digging this out of the trash for me. :) You're too good to me, babe.


Alex said...

This looks like 4:09 am to me, not $4.09. They're trying to screw you man!

jesse said...

You can't be throwing stuff like that in the trash! They're going to steal your identity!

Ryan said...

jesse wins