Tuesday, May 18, 2010

goodbye flashforward

You were supposed to be the next "Lost." Instead you got canceled before "Lost" completed a triumphant sprint to its end (an ending on its own terms, I might add).

There's a storytelling lesson here: don't be boring. "Flashforward" had a great premise and the story arc moved along swiftly, but it was not a good sign when I realized the characters were so bland I could not remember any of their names. The central character in "Flashforward" is a recovering alcoholic who tends to become obsessed with his FBI work at the expense of his family. I'm sure someone thought this was a interesting backstory/personality for a character, but it honestly feels a bit lazy in a show that was supposed to be about the fantastic. It's hard to imagine that and only that being the basis for a character in "Lost," in which backstories are not only integral to the fabric of the show but also tend to be extraordinary (usually in a sad way). As TV, alcoholism just can't compete with getting pushed out of a skyscraper by one's con man father.


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Still Anonymous said...

FlashForward was so good!

John said...

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Britt Dowd said...

I think your comment is completely incorrect. I think flashforward was an awesome show and the backstories to each of the characters were great. The show only ran for one season so how was it possible to get the stories on every character in that short period of time. Plus the whole point of the story was to uncover the individuals backstories through clues and happenings along the way. If you knew everything about the character to begin with how would there be any room to expound on that character. The whole point of the show was to see the characters as they are in the present while finding key clues to open up their past.

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Chelsea said...

I like FlashForward.

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